Saturday, 28 November 2009

Internet as Medium of Narrative Art Creation.

Internet as Medium of Narrative Art Creation.
Internet today is not only the interconnection of worldwide computer networks but has also been a constructive format of fictional or nonfictional events summoned together. As the most powerful medium of this century, internet has created a degree of electronic and optical networking technologies with the theme of art and creation. The establishment of internet back to the 1960s has been one of the most creative inventions of the human civilization.

Internet today has been able to change the theory of marking the language and making its structure. The practice of hypertext and cybertext has made the user to access any information immediately within a couple of seconds. It has not only the group of texts but has different constructive format (pictures, songs, writing, theory, speech, poetry or may be videos) that makes a complete circle of entertainment for the users.


More and more, the characteristics of digital fiction in the internet have been changing continuously. All the basics form of Internet to the wonderland of Web 2.0, it is now more interactive, interpretive, multimodal, collective and playful that makes internet as the most effective medium. The narrative art form is evolving and merging in new exciting ways that surrounds us with the art of character perspective, visual and dramatic patterns. The path of reading, analysing and interpreting a text is accompanied by multisensory reading with effective semantic support in multiple modalities.


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