Saturday, 7 November 2009

We the media?: The Emergence of News into the Age of Computers

What is News??????

News is something happening new. It denotes the four direction (north,east,west and south) as it reports the recent previously unknown information to the public. It is the report of new information, events or stories that is presented by different medium (print, broadcast, internet etc) and has a public interest in it. Timeliness, impact, proximity, controversy, prominence, war, religion, fashion, sports, business and oddity are some of the main features of News. 

Within the periphery of News, it bounds many more things from a story of an event that is picked up by the professional News correspondent and later broadcasted from various stations around. News has been one of the most prominent and powerful tool of the Media from the medieval age to this digitized century.

Its strength and value has surged tremendously that it has been the key element of our daily life. With the development of technology, the transmission of News also has been changed and been affected. Both the way of transmitting, gathering and the way of manufacturing the News has been changed since and now.

The changing structure, idea and concept of News has been the huge matter of interest to the public as the bond and the interlink with the human is getting stronger day to day that a huge public participation can be seen through.
The practices of Churnalism, Mobile Journalism, Citizen Journalism and Network Journalism are some of the features of public participation and their progressive involvement in making the News possible. Today everyone can report and is reporting from anywhere as the trend is increasing in a high pace. The notion of ‘Global village’ leads to the pervasive journalism that the News is everywhere omnipresent. We all are interconnected today with more common News around us from the deserts of Africa to the Mountains of Himalayas.

The concept of Vortextuality (Whannel, 2009: vol.6, No.1) has been created around us because of the globalization of the Media that creates a ‘vortex’ effect where a single title is centralized and numbers of media institutions just revolve around making the same story. The Iraq war, sudden death of Michael Jackson, 9/11, World Cup Football has been some of the major events of Vortextuality.

Garry Whannel, (2009) ‘News, Celebrity and Vortextuality : A study of the media coverage of the Michael Jackson verdict’, UK: vol.6, No.1.

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