Sunday, 22 November 2009

Commercialization and the Network:

IPR, Crowd sourcing, Free Labour and the Californian Ideology.

After the introduction of Internet and Web 2.0 in the networking arena, the concept of commercialization has been initiated. Today, due to the globalisation of networks and the common cultural bonding between the users, the concept of the commerce and business has been laid in the networking sector. More and more financial accounts have been running through the networking business nowadays.


At the initiation of internet and networking in our society, it was said to be non-commercial because its main aim used to inform the public and helps to share their common values, beliefs and ideas. But after the drastic development in the technology and its modern practices by the users, the importance of information economy, the rise of network enterprise and the application of ‘Network society’ has been created.

The thought of Intellectual Property Rights arrived after the vision of the knowledge based economy that helps both the original creation and the author’s copyright which gives him/her some accounts of transactions. The doctrine of commercial networking has been flourished so rapidly after the 90’s because of the competition and liquidity in the market. The networking business today is now more focused on the theme of e-commerce that open-sourcing and crowd-sourcing has become the main forces of surging the development.

People are now more related and public participation is in high today towards the e-commerce. Crowd-sourcing is more concern towards the public interest with countless users engaging with the networking business. Regardless of that, the subject of free labour arises with the problems of copyright and selection going through it. Due to the effect of globalisation people from India works for the company of America through networking that accounts in billion dollars. The culture of Silicon Valley and the domination of IT industry will be more effective in upcoming days which beholds the truth that today’s networking are more diverted towards commercialization.


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