Saturday, 17 October 2009

What is Cyberculture?

Cyberculture The word cyberculture comprises of two different words, ‘cyber’ and ‘culture’ which both have different connotation. Cyber is a word that is totally connected with the information technology, electronic communication or says the word i.e. the synonym to computing. It is a word that deals with the computers and is co- related to the term internet. The word cyber was derived from the Greek word kubernetes meaning steersman which is used nowadays everywhere in the terms like cyberculture, cyberspace, cyberpunk etc.
Whereas the word Culture refers to the way of living anywhere you are. It is the art of characterizing the person’s nature, beliefs, values, norms, behaviour and habit whatever he/she does in a society. It is the pattern, trait and products regarded as the expression of a particular class or community may be as a whole. The word culture was derived from the Latin word cultura which means to cultivate. According to Wikipedia, ‘Culture is an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behaviour that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and learning’. Oxford dictionary defines culture as, ‘The set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group’. 

With these various illustrations of cyber and culture, now everybody can determine what a Cyberculture really is? Simply in a sense, it is a culture related or determined by the term cyber. The mode of living and the characterization of an individual are fully influenced by the computer and its allies. Basically the internet, computer networks, multimedia and IT are the major sources to cultivate the nature of a culture which we consider it later as a cyberculture. In this culture, humans are more technically bound that affects directly or indirectly in the process of living. It does not have customs, arts, tradition or language as other culture do, but has the significant amount of attitudes and behaviour connected to cyber and multimedia which really affects the phenomena of our daily life.
Cyberculture is a cultural phenomenon usually being experienced and imagined around us. The World Wide Web, internet, email, bulletin boards or BBS, chat rooms, multi-user domains alongside a pool of related technological systems, including virtual reality, digital imaging systems, new biomedical technologies, artificial life and interactive digital entertainment systems are the basic features of cyberculture. It all has the imagination and representation of cultural uses and value to focus our attention most importantly on human interactions between one another. It can be said that the culture evolved from the use of computer networks for different purpose of communication is purely linked with cyberculture. The term cyberspace, cyborg, online communities, online multiplayer gaming, email usage etc are the derived terms of cyberculture.

Some definition on cyberculture are:
Oxford dictionary defines cyberculture as, “the social conditions brought about by automation and computerization.”
The American heritage dictionary defines it as, “the culture arising from the use of computer networks, as for communication, entertainment, work and business.”
So, it clearly means that cyberculture is a pure culture motivated and mediated by the use of computer networks. The year of 1960-1990 is totally devoted to the emergence and establishment of the culture in our society. And the 90’s decade have been the limelight for the cyberculture. 

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