Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Media and Cyberculture.

What is Media and Cyberculture?
Media  -    Media as a whole is a plural form of ‘Medium’. Medium is a way or means of transferring information, data, knowledge and ideas in the form of communication. Medium in a sense is a bridge between sources through which they can communicate to be informed for any purpose. It is often consider as the storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information between one another.
As the Media is term as plural form of Medium, it does have significant meaning related to different forms of medium. It comprises different form such as electronic, print, film, art and internet which are now considered as the lifeline of our society. Media is now an integral part of our life with which we cannot continue the process of socializing. The credit somehow being human as one of the most civilized animal in the 21st century goes to the Media which always plays a crucial role to lead the process of living smoothly. Media is the mirror of an individual, his/her family, society, community, country and the whole world where he/she exists. 

Media are the technological way that eases communication between the sender of a message and the receiver of that message. It communicates information to an individual, small group, large audiences, huge masses and globally throughout the world. Exposure to media by every person is a right and a fundamental part of contemporary life. It is regarded as the socializing agent of modern society and can generate popular interest and debate about any social issues that consists around us.
From different perspectives, the role of media from the micro level of our daily lives to the macro level of economy, politics, religion and technological development is always unimaginable. I do consider media as the ‘NEXT GOD’ that supposedly has the possibility to control the sense from an individual to the state. It has the authority to handle the major issues happening around us. Often many scholars consider media has the power to control the government. They agree that media is getting stronger and politician depends upon the media in order to cherish their public relations to establish their presence in the people’s mind. 

Media leads the process of developing a sense of self connected to a larger social world through learning and internalizing the values, beliefs, norms and culture of one to another. The impact of media is not only limited to the content of media messages but also teaches to learn about the world and interact within various methods. Literally, it mediates our relationship with social institutions and is part our routine relations with family and friends. It defines our interaction with other people on a daily basis as a diversion, sources of conflict or a unifying force. We understand and are motivated through different debates followed by instant analysis and commentary by ‘EXPERTS’. These dynamics are seen in various events such as televised sports, live programmes and reality shows which influences us in a certain level of expectations. 

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